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The Cursed One

Am (re)inceput sa scriu prin Iulie azi vara, ca un fel de fan fic or smth in engleza format din poezii pline de metafore pe care majoritatea numai eu le inteleg. XD
Momentan mai vreau sa mai scriu ceva poezii in completare, dar in mare exprima viatza mea or smth, gandurile mele, pareri si asa mai departe.

The Cursed One

[Imagine: 01thecursedone.jpg]

The Cursed One

One day or another, when I'll become a bother,

Searching for my brother, that's lying next to me

I will realise, that I must memorise,

That I must keep inside, the answers from between.

One day or another, when I will obtain the other

It won't become a bother, a bother to forget.

Forget the other, forget the brother,

It won't become a bother, a bother to forget.

One day or another, when I will find my brother,

When I will find the other, when I won't be a bother

When I will control my anger, when I will help the other

You will become another, another curse to me.

[Imagine: 02theletter.jpg]

The Letter

The letter or the matter,
The matter of the latter,
Why does it even matter,
If I lose that letter?

The lesser thing than anger,
The center with the dagger,
Which dagger in the center,
It's the bitter from the letter?

The faster thing than ever,
The hacker of the matter,
Will see the letter
But this doesn't matter.

[Imagine: 03cronous.jpg]


~ part 1 ~

Everywhere and nowhere, I'm looking there
At all those things that I have to bear,
A vivid light, searching from where
The darkest voice that only I hear
Tells me I shouldn't be here,
And then it shouts into my ear
"Kill your soul and die, my dear!"

And it took me everywhere, starting from where
The nature and the nightmare at which I glared
The unsecured rasure started to revere
While the rare rapture began to sere
And the vampire started to fear
Unaware of his own sphere, when settled the umpire
Is he going to be free, or will he no longer be?

[Imagine: 04windsroad.jpg]

Wind's Road

In the end, with no one near,

The almighty has appeared

Softly speaking into my ear:

"You must now choose your road, my dear.

Choose the left road over here,

And the dark voices that you will hear

The things that slightly disappeared,

That will make you kill yourself, my dear.

Stay on the road where you are now,

And things will continue to go how

They did before, repeating and you know,

Till the suicidal thought will start to grow,

Devouring your soul till you'll be gone.

But rise your head and look at right,

There's your first path full of light;

There's where your future can be bright

The wind's road full of might.

What do you choose? "

"What I choose it's my choice,

So wind, listen to my voice

Listen to it as you always did

And tell me what I should do.

What should I do?"

" To stay and not to stray,

Because, as you saw today,

After you realised yesterday

And the day before it and so on.

Your road is not the same

The same with different names

Come back to the origins,

And even before that,

Because when you come with us

You have to stay with us

Forever. "

"Then so be it, as you say:

Gone with the wind, on the Wind's Road

In the places where I will grow,

Fly with my winds, like I did before

And I will stay on the good wind's side


[Imagine: 03cronous.jpg]


~ part 2 ~

The voices are gone, and I can't get back home
My friends are back, but nothing's on crack
Not anymore, I just don't want it like before
And so my gain, won't go like rain.
While I opened the door, in search for more
You locked it back, now I'm back on track.
I want fear gone, I don't want home.

Fear is still here, fear is still near
It turns our hearts, into games of darts;
When you two meet, or when you speak
It makes you weak, when it's too deep.
Covered in fear, afraid of losing someone dear
Hiding behind masks, these are the real facts.
Now on the inside, you must have realised:
You want fear gone, or else you're done.

[Imagine: 05thespark.jpg]

The Spark

~ part 1 ~

He wanted to kill, that was his will
To pay the bill, in order to fulfill
In feeding his pill, unable to stay chill
All this nonsense till, he felt down hill.
Hurt, he got ill, sitting under a grill
Running from his will, consumed by that pill.

She wanted to stay, but maybe she may
Have tried to say, that he can relay
On her every day. No need to pay
Or, to be at bay, because their way
Is like running away, on a big highway
But then you stay, and down you lay.

He's an undead, and he's in my head
When he was mad, I began seeing red;
We wanted her dead, that's where it led
Thoughts that were bad, stupid I could add
She was so sad, while crying in bed...
There's where it led; what was in my head?

Pareri? :D
The wind is my strenght.

[Imagine: semnatura.jpg]

[Imagine: chibi_1179.gif]

My "Fan Fic" - Mir Velik // My AMV's

Thanks, chiar ma bucur ca ti'a placut. ^^ Am incercat si ceva in romana, don't freak out or smth, intelesul adevarat este un pic mai in spatele aparentelor... >.<

[Imagine: 06soim.jpg]

Soim cu aripa taiata

Intr'o lume minunata, de complexe macinata,
Cu poteca derivata, chiar de frica decimata
Ce ar zice ca'i uitata, chiar de toti abandonata;
Masca mult prea cautata, puritatea nesalvata
Speranta abandonata, iluzia revendicata
Ce's la suprafata plata, soim cu aripa taiata.

Egoul vostru cel mare, se uita cu nepasare,
Si scufunda in uitare, toate lucrurile care
Nu's dupa a sa dictare, caci el este cel mai tare;
Dar nu si cel care are, drept sa puna dupa bare
Sa va tina in visare, cu iluzii drept mancare
Si o masca care pare, fara sanse pe'o carare.

Oameni plini de vise false, ipocriti si plini de farse
Ce v'aruncati de pe case, vreti ca altii sa va lase,
Care aveti texte groase, sau bagati frica in mase;
Voi aveti statuturi joase, puneti etichete roase
Aripa'mi taiati din oase, si apoi trageati foloase
Iar cel ce va ridicase, primea vorbe dureroase.

Eu nu vreau poteca voastra, sa sar cu voi pe fereastra
Sa nu trag vreo'nvatatura, totul doar o'nvartitura,
Om intr'o adunatura, blocat in adancitura
Sa mai trag o cazatura, sa nu mai dau de caldura.
Doar ca nu mai sunt o chioara, nici nu am ramas o cioara
Eu sunt soim, nu geamandura; cu voi n'am vreo legatura!
The wind is my strenght.

[Imagine: semnatura.jpg]

[Imagine: chibi_1179.gif]

My "Fan Fic" - Mir Velik // My AMV's

cam ciudata poezia... nu prea am mai vazut poezii cu monorima la fiecare strofa(parca asa se numea dupa memoria mea), majoritatea au rima alba acum...
cred ca te-ai straduit mult...
totusi unele versuri nu au logica, sau nu se potrivesc cu restul strofei...
Citat:Ce v'aruncati de pe case, vreti ca altii să vă lase,
Care aveti texte groase, sau bagati frica în mase;
prima se referea la sinucidere presupun, dar nu prea vad lugatura dintre frica si masa
Citat:Eu sunt şoim, nu geamandură; cu voi n'am vreo legatură!
versul acesta mi-a placut mult... cum ai comparat soimul cu geamandura, si nepasarea fata de ceilalti...
totusi multe nu se potrivesc... ar fi mai bine sa incerci o poezie cu rima alba... cred ca ar fi mult mai reusita

Actually se potrivesc, vorbeam despre niste principii mai mult psihologice despre care am citit recent. Totul are o semnificatie pe acolo si nu e prea usor de inteles, si nu, nu am comparat soimul cu geamandura, ci am vrut sa evidentiez faptul ca I'm no freak, I'm just different & proud of it. Think, cioara - soim, ciorile cum zboara? ca oile, se iau una dupa alta, pe cand soimul e mai mult un fel de "lup singuratic" si asta doar pentru jumatate de vers. Cat despre rima, ma crezi sau nu, eu scriu ce imi vine, nu ma gandesc nici la masura si nici la rima, pur si simplu cuvintele ies din mine si vad pe urma ce a rezultat. Este modul meu de a ma calma dupa o zi tampita la scoala. ^^'
In alta (dez)ordine de idei, thanks for the feedback. :3

[edit] Scris pe data de Vineri, 13 Februarie 2009. Lucky day indeed. Voiam doar sa scap de haosul pe care'l aveam prin cap. Practic nici un vers nu are legatura cu altul.

[Imagine: 03cronous.jpg]


~ part 3 ~

I don't give a damn to know who I am,
Or be like them: ashes against the grain
To think the same and be lost in the rain
I'm not like Kain or just another Lain.

Do you think my resistance is in vain
Just because this is your complex damn game?

You already know that I don't need fame
Or something else just in order to tame
The ones that will not accept your true name
Who will eventually destroy your game.

Still think that my resistance is in vain
Just because this is our complex damn game?

You gave them fake roads then make them feel free
And now all you want is to make them agree
That they must help the other ones to see:
In their illusions it's a hell to be.

Do you think that I will let you use me
And be a part of your entire scheme?

You think I will regret defying you
Because I will screw everything I do
And then, with no more power to see through,
I will suffer seeing my life's review.

Still think I will allow you to use me
And become something worse than a banshee?

I don't give a damn to know who I am
I've had enough of this stupid exam,
I'm sick and tired to be their codemn
I'm just bored and dissappointed by them.

Can't you see I'm too bored of beeing Flame,
And I'm too tired for your stupid game?

[Imagine: epilogue.jpg]



The land of wind and fire,
There's my burning desire
Connected like a fire
The things that I admire.


The fire are those who dare
To be always at the height
For the ones about they care,
The lost light into the night.


The wind's kingdom made of light
Where the few ones see the sight,
The cursed ones feel its almight
As I once could in our fight.


You can see if I am right
If you look into your heart,
Find your spark into that park
See the wind, the fire's bright.


That's my road to Ianade,
I must leave Edania
Cut all bonds with Enadai
And leave behind Edanai.
The wind is my strenght.

[Imagine: semnatura.jpg]

[Imagine: chibi_1179.gif]

My "Fan Fic" - Mir Velik // My AMV's

The New One

[Imagine: 08iluzii.png]


De la o vreme nu mai vad nimic

Nu mai stiu nici cine imi e amic,

Totul pare ca mi'ar fi inamic,

Situatia dandu'mi un alt test sadic.

Prima Iluzie

Vreau un semn, chiar daca primesc sute

Vreau sa vorbesc dar vocea mi'e muta;

Vreau sa vad, dar deja vreau prea multe

Vreau sa gasesc cararea'mi pierduta.

A doua iluzie.

Nu pricep de ce sunt acum aici

Sau de ce imi par toti atat de mici;

De ce nu'mi place sa te vad cand piciC

hiar daca sunteti toti niste nemernici?

A treia iluzie

Pot sa vorbesc, dar am ales sa tac

Pot sa vad dar am ales sa n'o fac;

Pot pricepe, dar nici n'am incercat

Chiar si destinul poate fi sfidat.

Ultima Iluzie.

Pe false carari mi'am pierdut timpul,

Asteptand sa mai treaca anotimpul...

Prin iluzii eu mi'am pierdut simtul;

Prin iluzii nu mi'am pierdut timpul.

[Imagine: 09untitled.jpg]


There is a place where someone once came,
Back then, no one even knew her new name
They all just started an innocent game
They didn't know, so they're not to blame
They didn't know what she did became
She was so different, yet she was the same
Little kids like the famous Boehm,
Who know nothing of what they claim
Just little kids lost for a fake fame,
Confused, lonely freaks, lost with no aim.

She's just a kid, she's just not a saint
No matter what you wanna see, it just ain't
All I can see it's that she feels my taint
But I know that I won't hear her sound of complaint
All I will get to see will be her faint,
But I know that I won't hear her sound of complaint
Even if I can feel that she feels my taint
All I'll get to see will be this bloody paint
Without her saying her sound of complaint
She'll will just cease under the sign of my taint.

She wanted to help, but how to explain
To a bunch of kids, what's in your brain?
She's just a new kid in this domain,
They don't know her, but she won't complain
Because in the end nothing was in vain,
Even when you don't have what to claim;
They all may say that she is insane
Or won't accept her how others sustain
But they can't see that they are all lame
No matter what, in that place she'll remain!

[Imagine: 10untitled.png]


You thought you knew them all,

You knew you had no goal!

You said you're in your hall

But then they heard your call.

When you were lost into your mall,

When you were spinning like a ball;

When you thought you were way too tall

They came to save you from your fall.

They all went just through your wall,

Back then, when you were so small

When all you could do was crawl

They saved you, as I recall.

[Imagine: 11spirit.jpg]

Spirit cazut in banal

Stai in satul tau natal
Care nici n-are canal
Si te-amagesti intr-un hal
Care-ti poate fi fatal.

Spirit cazut in banal,
Nu vezi cat esti de penal?

Stai si muncesti ca un cal,
Cand ai chef, mergi si pe mal;
Lasandu-te dus de val,
Te faci prastie ca la bal.

Nu vezi cat esti de penal,
Spirit cazut in banal?

Vrei sa fii senzational,
Intr-un mediu infernal
Sa devii tu "rational"
Restul fiind doar hormonal!?

Chiar nu vezi ca esti penal,
Spirit cazut in banal???

Doar aici, la tribunal
Pot sa vad intr-un final:
N-ai nimic original,
Esti ceva promotional.

Pacat ca te crezi alt baal,
Spirit, violet, cristal,
Spirit cazut in banal!

Nu e nimic personal,
Ca n-al prins al meu semnal,
Si ai luat al lor pumnal
Devenind alt criminal.

Spirit cazut in banal,
Tu vezi doar ce-i material...

[Imagine: 12ianade.png]


~ part 1 ~

I still dream of our world,
Where only our art is perfect
Here, where it's imperfect to them;
Here, where imperfect means perfect.

I still remember that naive dream
Where there was no perfect;
No right, no wrong, no rules:
No me, no you, just art.

I still dream of that old world,
A place with no illusions:
Where I feel that I know and I know what I feel
Where the all is mind, and my universe is mental.

I want to feel, to understand, your universe and ITS
I want to see, to find my way
In this gay world of fear;
I want to know if me will be the Anti-Christ or God.

I want to see, to understand
But all this doesn't matter
Unless you share some of your experience
To those who really need it.

I've got nothing to prove,
To me or to another;
Just a lot of things to share
Even my lost brother.

I still dream of our world,
So easy to speak of...
I still dream of that world
Where you is me, and me is you...

[Imagine: 13vise.jpg]

Vise pe fereastra

Nu vrei sa vezi, nu vrei sa crezi
Ca si ei sunt ca tine, dar si tu esti ca ei
Va rupeti in figuri, si c'un aer de vedeta
Zici ca le stii pe toate, iar restu's dobitoci.

Nu stii ce vrei, dar totusi, vrei;
Asa'ti pierzi vremea zi de zi,
Ratacind pe'a ta carare, injurand toti ghizii
Ca doar tu le stii pe toate, iar restu's dobitoci.

Nu inletegi, nu'ti pasa
De ce e'n jurul tau, de tine sau de altii
Dar nici n'ai incercat, poate doar declarativ
Hai, zi ca mint, gunoaie, arata'mi ca ma'nsel.

Ti'ar placea asta, dar nu vrei cum vreau eu
Tu doar pentru orgoliu, eu pentru ca te vad
Cum fugi de tine insuti, cum fugi de fapt de toti
Dar nu te poti ascunde, ca nu's toti dobitoci.

Te vad si poate'mi pasa, poate vreau sa te ajut
Sau poate paranoia ta are dreptate, si vreau de fapt opusu'
Haide, scoate mastile la'naintare, ego'ul si toata trupa
Prin liberul tau arbitru, alegi sa fii alt orb.

Nu vrei, ok, dar spune
Ca noi stim asta deja, o faci deci pentru tine
Dar atunci nu te mai plange, nu te mai lamenta
C'arunci cu mana ta, doar vise pe fereastra.

[Imagine: OnceUponATime.jpg]

The Deal

Once upon a turning wheel,
I told someone I can heal;
Then we made a childish deal
That his heart won't be of steel.

I told him he should reveal
What's behind his goddamn seal;
He asked me "How would you feel
If you were the only eel?

If to them I were to squeal,
If to them I were to kneel,
If I'll tell them how I feel
I'll be turned into their meal!"

"All these things will just go spiel
And you'll just end as a veal,
Making all your hopes unreal
And you'll be just your own blood meal..."

[Imagine: Fraeru.jpg]


intr'o lume indoctrinatapana'n gat
intr'o tarapopulatade distrusi
intr'un oras destul de futut
Se pendula.

Mai conteaza?
Asa credeam si eu.

intr'o zi de vara
Pe o stradadubioasarau
Faranimeni, nici macar propria'i umbra
Se plimba.

Cine mai, cine???
Asa credeam si eu.

La un moment dat se opreste
Se uitain stanga, in dreapta
Vede diversi, fiecare prins cu problemele lui
Dar nu se uitain spate.

N'am timp de povesti nemuritoare copile, spune'mi o datace vrei si dispari !
De ce as face asta?
Pentru camaenervezi!
Asa, si...? Mavei asculta panala capat, pentru catu VREI samaasculti.

Fiecare era atat de prins in ale lui,
incat nici nu l'au observat cand a trecut pe langaei.
Cand s'a bagat in seamacu vreunul, vrand saajute
A fost in cele din urmaalungat, auzind vrute si nevrute.

Dupao anumitaperioadade timp
si'a intors din nou privirea in fata,
A pornit din nou pe drumul sau
Vazandu'si in continuare de propria'i viata.

Cei pe care i'a lasat in urma
Au ramas prinsi in problemele lor
Neputand savadacarezolvarea
si orice altceva este doar in mintea lor.

Unii se vedeau adulti,
Altii puneau unul altuia diverse etichete
Judecand totul farasainteleaganimic,
Batand pasul pe loc, sau inaintand in vidu' vietii lor.

Vorbind multe, cadoar nu te doare gura savorbesti
Facand putine, cadeh', pentru asta existascuze
Jucandu'se cu tot ce le picain mana
Copilul ii vedea pe ceilalti asa cum sunt: doar alti copii.

Asa incepe o poveste, iar alta se sfarseste;
Asta doar continua, la fel ca panaacum
Copilu' fiind mai mare, copilu' fiind copil,
Cu liberu' arbitru, contestat de toti.

Ai terminat ?
Acum binevoiesti sataci din gura?
De ce !?
Nu pot. De fapt, nu vreau.

[Imagine: dudesmoke.jpg]

Fum de tigara

La o margine de drum
ÃŽntr-o zi de vară,
Complet orbit de-al ei fum
Zaci tu cu o ţigară.

Cazut mai jos de pamant
Dar sprijinit de-o bara,
O tacere de mormant
Se aude afara.

Acoperit de zgura,
Te uiti cu acei ochi goi...
Ma vezi ca o figura
Eu ca pe-un baietoi.

As vrea sa te ridic
Din fumul de tigara
Gustul sa-ti schimb un pic
Ca prea esti tu amara.

Tu doar te uiti la mine,
Fara sa stii ce vrei
Lasi fumul sa te aline
Crezand ca toti sunt strei.

[Imagine: IamwhoIam.jpg]

The Beginning

by Maura

In a shitty world of nothing
Where you blame it on the fear,
Running from the "bad" and "dear"
You were raised as their replace.

Living for the taste of blood
Fucking for the sake of God
Smiling, like a fucking star
Lying, because that's what you are.

"Oh, the great rebel of blood
Dreamy sin covered with mud,
You can see that you disown
The One who gave you the throne?"

You're no sheep, she's way too smart
You're no ant, she works too hard
You're nor a Saint, neither a God,
You're the lame one of the squad.

Oh, you want to judge me now?
Go ahead, I still won't bow
You know why, lame imp of mud?
I'm not like you, lame as a bug....

You see...I am who I am
I'm not your condemn like them
You think I'm a blind, and stupid freak
But you can't see that YOU'RE the creep.

YES, I am just who I am
I am The Cursed One who'll command
I don't care, I'll always fight
If you don't like it, out of my SIGHT!
The wind is my strenght.

[Imagine: semnatura.jpg]

[Imagine: chibi_1179.gif]

My "Fan Fic" - Mir Velik // My AMV's

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