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Between Life and Death: Cursed Souls

M-am hotarat sa mai fac inca un fic, dar e in engleza. Vreau orice fel de critica si mi-as dori sa imi spuneti daca exista greseli de exprimare, de scriere sau folosire gresita a timpurilor. Scuze pentru ca este atat de scurt.

Chapter 1

Mina was doing the last preparations in her room. She and her family were changing their residence. Actually, they were living in Dulwich, London, in a small apartment, but now they will live in West Midlans, Birmingham, in a big house.
She was both excited and scared, and she was also nervous. It was a strange feeling, like she didn’t wanted to move to another house, but wanted to. That kind of feeling, when you want something, but, in the same time, you don’t want that “something”.
Mina Sunwave was a girl with blond hair, yellow eyes and a shiny smile. She had a unknown shine, which attracts the humans, this thing making her one of the most popular girls in the school. She was childish, courageous and powerful. She was a heart-breaking girl and a good friend. There is a thing that is parallel from her personality: a person with the feet on the earth. With this I want to say that she is very aerial and dreamy.
When she was packing a yellow T-shirt, she heard her mother calling her:
“Mina, come here!,” her mother said.
“Right now, mom!,” Mina replied.
She went down upstairs to her parents’ room. Her parents’ room was a bright room, with white walls, a big closet and a bed where they were sleeping. When she reached the room, she saw her mother packing some clothes.
“Here you are,” her mother said.
“Why did you call me?”
“I wanted to ask you if you’re fine with this.”
“Yes, I\m fine, I think it will be interesting.”
“If yes, then you can go back and pack the last clothes.”
Since she heard what her mother wanted to say, she went back in her room. After two hours, the family was ready to go. They have ensured that they got everything and entered the car.
Mina was very happy and entered the first. Her parents didn’t know why she was so happy, but they were fine with this. When the car started to move, she was even happier, thing that mom and dad didn’t expected.
They arrived to their new home fast. Mina was anxious to see the house. She “jumped” out the car. She was kind of frightened. The house looked a little creepy, but it was emanating positive energy.
She thought that the house just looks creepy for her, that the house is a normal house. After they entered the house, they begin to unpack the luggage.
Mina chose a beautiful bright room, with the window toward the lake that was near the house. The walls were pale yellow, and the bed was white. She unpacked all what was in the luggage and decided to sit on the bed to rest a little.
The bed was very soft and relaxing, and she thought that it will be a delight to sleep here. Without noticing, her eyes began to close, and she fell asleep. To the time Mina woke up, it was already night. The wall clock showed her the time of 2 AM. Mina wanted to sleep, but something was hearing.
It was a terrible noise, like when a hyperactive child played. She decided to go and find out what she heard.

~~~~~~END OF CHAPTER 1~~~~~~
Va rog, nu-i lasati sa moara!

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Chapter 2

Mina was walking to the source of the sound. She followed the noise and she reached the closed room. The room was closed and can’t be open, and she knew it because her mother tried to open it. Curious, she tried to open the door. She was surprised, the door was open.
She entered but she haven’t seen anything. Relieved, she returned to her room. Now, she was calm and relaxed and was sitting on her bed, ready to sleep.
Suddenly, she felt something touching her back. She thought that it was just her imagination, but she turned her gaze to the thing that touched her back. She remained frightened and scared. She feared.
It was a ghost. A ghost of a girl. The girl had short raspberry pink hair and reddish pink eyes. She was wearing a very short pink and white on the center molded latex dress with a brown belt, long dark pink boots and a pink beret. Mina heard the ghost saying something.
“Don’t worry, I am not a bad spirit,” the ghost said. “My name is Louisa Redcrow. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?”
“M…Mina Sunwave,” Mina replied with fear. “Nice to meet you too. You were the one in the closed room?”
“Yes, I was. But… Can you come with me a little?”
Mina followed the ghost of Louisa. They were going down to the basement. When Mina and Louisa reached the basement, Louisa said that there is the place. But the basement was also closed with a large lock and chains.
“It is closed. And why did you brought me here?”
“Maybe it looks like it is close. And you’ll see why I brought you here.”
“And how are you going to open the door?”
“Just look.”
Louisa said an incantation and sparkles came from her fingers. With this spell, she opened the door. Mina was surprised.
“Are you a witch?,” Mina asked.
“Kind of,” Louisa said.
When the door was fully open Mina saw another ghost of a girl, but this ghost was totally different from Louisa. This ghost had long dark grayish blue hair, dark blue eyes and was wearing a blue and white school uniform and a pair of blue and white sneakers. Even the ribbon was blue. She thought that Louisa and the other ghost were having the same age.
“What is it, Louisa?,” the other ghost said.
“I came up with a girl who is compatible with our souls, bigger twin sister.”
“Twins?... You two are twins?”
“Yeah, we are,” the girl’s ghost said. “I’m Jasmine Redcrow. Who are you?”
“She’s Mina,” Louisa replied.
“Nice to meet you, Jasmine,” Mina said.
“Nice to meet you too, Mina.”
Mina was no longer scared of the ghosts of Jasmine and Louisa. She was calming and was now feeling like she was with her friends. Mina said to them to come in her room and the twins accepted. She waited in her room for Jasmine and Louisa, and, after two minutes, they showed themselves. The two were asking Mina why she said to them to come here.
“Can you please tell me your story? And how did you died?,” Mina said.
Jasmine looked at Louisa and she nodded approvingly
“O.K. We were born on the 30th of October in 1901. We were the best witches in the world, and we had special spells and powers that the other witches didn’t had. Our mother was the High Witch, a kind of a boss of the witches. Her name was Serenity Redcrow. She’s been killed when we were five and, since she was dead, we became the High Witch Jasmine and the High Witch Louisa, the twin High Witches. Unfortunately, our positions has made us the targets of the Dark Eagles, a group made of the worst witches alive. They are the traitors of the Brotherhood of Magic, where we were the High Witches. The Brotherhood of Light tried to recover them on the right path, but they are lost causes. Now, they are evil. They tried to destroy us many times, but we were always near the Brotherhood to save them. When we were fifteen, we both died. I was coming from the high school, when a car crushed me. Louisa was home, but she fell down the balcony in the head. These were a part of their plan, not to destroy us with magic, to destroy us using the people. The one who crushed me was possessed by one of them, and something pushed Louisa down the balcony. It happened in the same time. At that moment, we begun ghosts and we remained here since now. The actual High Witch is one of the Dark Eagles, and she’s evil, cruel and selfish. Her name is Riana Skullwit. She doesn’t care about anything, and she has brought the chaos in the Brotherhood of Magic. Now, they are divided into several groups. All this time, we waited for someone compatible with our souls to come. And now that person has arrived. That person is you, Mina. You must help us to bring the peace back. Can you do it, Mina?,” Jasmine told.
“I’ll do my best,” Mina replied.
“We will give you this medallion. Take care of it. It has two white and black pictures, on one side with me and on the other side with Jasmine. If you need help or simply you want to speak with me and Jasmine, open it and call our names. We will can also transform with you, and in that moment you will need to say Soul Transfer and a name. When you will transform with me, you will have all my powers, change you look into one similar to mine, my picture inside of it will get color and the medallion will change his color into pink. If you will transform with Jasmine, you will have all her powers, you will have a look similar to her, the medallion will be blue and her picture will get color,” Louisa said to Mina.
“I understand. Be sure that I will take care of it,” Mina said wit happiness.
After these facts, Jasmine and Louisa disappeared into the medallion and Mina went into her bed to sleep. Mina was happy that she already met two new friends, even if they were not really alive and they were witches.
She looked at the medallion given by her new friends and said that she will always wear it and she will take of it with all her soul. She knew that the twins were in it, waiting for her to call them. She said a “Good night” slowly and closed her eyes.
Finally, the morning has come. This was Mina’s first day at her new school. She waked up easy and she was happy. In only ten minutes, she was ready to go. She put the medallion around her neck and went at school.
She arrived to the school in time and entered her class. It was also her first day at the high school. She studied at the Lordswood Girls’ High School. The class waited five minutes until the teacher came.
The teacher was a young woman with long brown hair and big brown eyes. She wore a cute blue costume, which made her look mature and worthy wit ha pair of blue shoes. She introduced herself as the psychology teacher, Lillian Lilygrace. Teacher Lillian said that if they have any problems they can come to her and she’ll resolve it.
Even so, Mina felt that all her words are lies and that something isn’t right here. She said in her mind that Teacher Lillian is unreliable and that she will never believe what she will say. When she was asking herself if she misjudged the new teacher, she heard her name at the name list. She answered exactly in time. When the name list was over, the school hour begun.
When the bell ringed, she went in the school garden to relax a little.
Still thinking at Teacher Lillian, she reminded about her medallion. Wondering herself if the things said to her about it are real, she decided to open it. Inside were really two white and black pictures, exactly as Louisa said. She said their names and the ghosts of Jasmine and Louisa appeared, asking if she called them. She answered with “Yes”, thing that is true.
Jasmine and Louisa asked why did she called them, and Mina said that she would like to know something that she thinks that only them can feel.
“Jasmine, Louisa… Is Teacher Lillian a witch?”
“Well… We don’t know very well… But is possible. We must be transformed with you or to show ourselves in the class to feel. Is impossible without the other people notice,” Jasmine said.
“Yeah… If we were alive, we could do it,” Louisa said with sadness.
After Mina heard these things, she sat on the grass looking at the sun. Suddenly, she felt something dark, and also Jasmine and Louisa.

~~~~~~END OF CHAPTER 2~~~~~~
Va rog, nu-i lasati sa moara!

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