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Dawn of the heroes

Hey, guys, as you are already aware the forum is back so let's start posting our creations once more. This time I've tried this project of writing some novels in English in order to improve myself. Enjoy:

Chapter 0

 The banging of the door scared the family trapped in the room. There was no escape. Everyone knew they will become just like the ones who wished to enter.
 The door began to crack more and more allowing everyone to see how a giant guy was hitting thewooden door with a big golden hammer. 'You must hide' said the dark haired teenager to his family members and pushed them all in the closet right before the door crashed completely allowing the giant guy to come in and to stand before the boy. 
 The giant was like 2 metres height and more like 30 times more muscular than a regular human. His hammer had almost the same height as the boy.
 The teenager with green eyes and dark hair looked frightened at the masked giant and how he lifts the hammer to crush him and end his life.
The hammer stands lifted a small period of time when, all of a sudden, from his chest the tip of a sword is showing up in the front of the boy. The sword is lifted with power splitting the upper part of the body. The hammer falls right near the teenager, making a sound that gave goosebumps to everyone present in the room. The giant fell as well , leaving his back full of scars to be seen. Behind him was another teenager, way much slimmer than the green eyed boy, and with a look full of anger and agony. His sword looked to be light feathered for him.
'You're welcome!' Said the swordman cleaning the blade on his white shirt.
'Nero, what the hell is going on here?' Asked the boy. 
 Nero looked at the person in front of his eyes and said: 'Why won't you take a look outside?'
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Please tell me why!
Am I a savior, meant to save us all?
The people cry!
They want an end
A curtain call!

Hey, guys, I came back with the next chapter, so enjoy the next chapter. 

Chapter I - Ascension

Nero: We made our way to the stairs leading to the attic and roof. The trail of the "creatures" as I call them was terrifying for him, but not for me. I got used to this. Killing and hunting them in order to obtain answers.
'What the hell is going on here?' Asked my fellow.
'I don't think I can answer precisely.' I said examining some bodies around us. I don't know why I had the feeling that something was missing.
Him: We went up the stairs leading to my room which was in the attic. Every dead body from the yard belonged to people who I had never ever met before, but had a connection with that big guy. The bodies looked very strange to me. Like they were not humans anymore.
'Who or what are they?' I asked. 
 On the top of the stairs, Nero looked on his right and showed me the view from the distance of the train rail. Near it some folks were wandering around like they were drunk or something.
'They were once men and women...' mumbled Nero. 'But something changed and turned them into hunters...Always wanting to turn all people who are not like them.'
'Into what?'
Nero looked to me and in his brown eyes I had seen the pain and the stress.

'I like to call them "creatures" because zombies are not, that's for sure. Anyways now you know the answer.' Said Nero and went down the stairs. 

Nero: 'Wait!'
I was surprised of his reaction at the beginning, but I didn't cared that much since my purpose was a different one. I've headed to the room with the giant hoping to find something to help me. 
'Nero,please wait!'
I tried to ignore him in the moment I had seen the body of the hammered guy. Turning his body on the back I had seen his eyes through his black mask. Those big white eyes made me feel empty. Looking at the hammer, a weird symbol catches my eyes. A small silver hexagon. I took my phone, photographed it and sent it via message.
'Interesting' I whispered. '
Are you deaf or what?' He shouted at me.
I've risen up on my feet and I looked at him. 'What do you think I'm doing, my dear Adrian? You think that I am wasting my time?' I asked.
'No, but...'
'Then let me do my job!'
Adrian: His coldness surprised me. Somehow he has changed. I could feel it. Also I had noticed another thing: He still cares for me even if we didn't kept in touch for a very long time.
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Please tell me why!
Am I a savior, meant to save us all?
The people cry!
They want an end
A curtain call!

Chapter II - Connections

Nero: I was looking at Adrian examining me and I realized that it was a waste of time. Looking again at the dead body, I noticed something strange: Those creatures were trying too much to enter in that room.
'Do you recognize this sign?' I asked Adrian.
'No' he replied.
His response was too fast. He didn't even dropped a look to the sign.
'Adrian if you're hiding the truth from me, I promise that I am going to kill you.'
He looked at me surprised like he thought that I am just joking with him or something like that.
'Really?' He asked?
'Don't try to joke on me since this is not the time for such thing. So I'll ask you again: do you recognize this sign? Yes or no?' I shouted at him.
'No!' His response was as fast as the previous one. Something was not right.
'Are you absolutely sure about this?' I continued asking.
'Yes! Yes, I am sure about it.' He said in a second.
I must find the truth and I think I know what to do.
Adrian: Nero became smarter. He became extremely suspicious when he asked me about the sign on the hammer. I was thinking of its meaning, but my thoughts were interrupted by the memories made by both of us.
 A phone is ringing. Nero took out his phone from the pocket, answers and waits few seconds and all he says is just an "all right." And hangs up.
'Are you helping me or what?'
Nero: I had gathered all the bodies, one by one, in a single place and burned them all. The smell was horrible, but I got used. Adrian seems he didn't.
'Don't you think they will come back if they see this fire?' Asked Adrian.
'No because I had left them a surprise just a little further.' I said pointing to the head of the giant guy stick on an iron bar. 'This will hold them back for now, but now we have to go!'
'I am not going anywhere!' Commented Adrian.'Why would I help you?'
I took out my sword and point it to his neck and press a little on his skin. A small trail of blood is pouring slowly under the blade.
'See how sharp it is?' I asked and looked into his green eyes. 'Now block the doors and say goodbye to your family for the moment.'
Adrian shaken his head in approval and after few minutes we went out through the great unknown with a single question in my mind: what is Adrian hiding from me?
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Please tell me why!
Am I a savior, meant to save us all?
The people cry!
They want an end
A curtain call!

Chapter III - Provisions

Adrian: Nero started to scare me already. The way he moves, the decisions he takes. Everything was scary . I've always thought he had problems with self trust, but it seems that this whole time he gained some kind of courage that makes him risk his life. He's way too much cautious. Arriving near the train rail, I noticed that those "creatures" were gone. I was wondering what could had created such things.
'Don't you think it's too quiet?' I asked.
Nero looked around and whispered that we must hurry.
Nero: I took Adrian's hand in mine and ran into the shop located on the corner of the street. It wasn't that much lighted. I walked slowly and took everything I needed: canned food and bottles of water. I had thrown a look on my companion, who was looking at some fruits.
'What are you doing?' I asked.' We need food, not paintings.'
 Adrian was taking some bananas and oranges when the room was filled by a powerful scream. Looking at the ceiling, I had seen how the enemies were landing one by one from it. I dropped everything and took out my sword. Its blade was splitting every one of them, but strange thing was that they weren't attacking me. All of them tried to head to Adrian's direction.
'Get behind me' I shouted at him.
Adrian ran to his left and made a detour on the food sections. When he got behind me,  none of them escaped. My sword finished every one of them. My only mistake was that I had let my guard down because walking a little to check the bodies, Adrian got caught by one of them. His neck was surrounded by that devilish creature's hands. With the other hand I took the gun from the back of my jeans and pulled the trigger. The bullet passed right through his head, who fell over Adrian's body.
Adrian: The moment when that thing tried to kill me the fear of death grew faster. Also this fear brought me a memory in my mind.
I remember my room. Me and Nero were watching a movie. I remember that we were trying to watch the movie but our minds were focused on something else, totally not on the movie.
 I was thinking at such thing and the sound of the bullet brought me back to reality. I took off the attacker's body from me and got on my feet. I looked at Nero and shouted 'BEHIND YOU!' He turned around and fired again. The bullet passed right through the mouth of that thing. He looked again at me and shaken his head as a thanks. After that he went up to take again the provisions that he had dropped earlier.
 I had headed towards fruits and vegetables and I had taken lots or them in plastic bags. Few minutes later we get  out from the shop. Nero lead me to a place that I knew about since I was a child. We were going to his house.
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Please tell me why!
Am I a savior, meant to save us all?
The people cry!
They want an end
A curtain call!

Hello, interesant scris in limba engleza. Imi place ideea incep sa recitesc si sa imi reintru in mana cu ficurile si scrisul. Ceva nou. Ultimele doua capitole au fost mai reusite si au descriere si actiune. Capitolul 0 '' the'' se repeta foarte mult si devine obositor, dar vad ca ai lasat la o parte asta. Imi place in rest si sper sa nu il abandonez eventual. Stiu ca e greu. T_T
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