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In stilul dulce clasic al injuriilor aruncate de un generator virtual, va mai aduc o mica bombonica, sperand ca va va face sa radeti pana cadeti de pe scaune.

In momentul asta tusesc si rad de mor. Clicky

-> You are calmer than a filipino whore looking to get raped. <-

You are as boner-inducing as a chinese homosexual who loves kittens.

Vaaaaaiii 24! Am incercat mai multe, dar totusi!
You are less heavenly than a transsexual stripper in a Lutheran nursing home.
O Doamne 24). Asta a iesit din prima si dupa m-am apucat sa mai vad ce este si acu regret, caci mor de ras 24). Vai de capul meu =]]]]]
Tare generatororul asta. 21 Versiunea mea : You are as sad as an alcoholic Jew with a third testicle. lolololooool.
Versiunea minunatei noastre mascote : Zuppy is as sweet as an uncircumsized kelptomaniac with a death wish.
You are more in love than an uncircumsized priest on heroin.
You are pathetic like a black epileptic with violent tendencies.
You are as smart as a mentally retarded Jew having a one night stand.
21 Da epic!!
Andreea is yaoi maniac like a hypnotized eunuch on ice skates.
You are exciting like a quadripalegic baby getting their ass kicked.
You are more fabulous than an out of shape elementary teacher fingering their own asshole.
Merli is retarded like a sexy HIV patient at Crate and Barrel.
24 doamne cat o urasc pe Merli. Anyhow, inca una, asa pentru ca nu am avut ce face...
Merli is as baka as a syphillis infected leper in church on a Wednesday.
dude xD this is awesome...
^^You are more sexy than a claustrophobic transvestite doing the hokey pokey.^^
You are more dumb than an impotent widow during Lent.
Aww, asta a fost urat. Oricum, rad de 5 minute. Sa vad ce mai iese. =)
Bonus: Your mother is genius like a geriatric porn star with daddy issues.
You are more retarded than a fat sex offender at a pussy eating contest.
Adina is more wrathed than an impressionable Jesus with low self-esteem.
You are as genius as a crying communist in Detroit.

Whaaa glumesti! 24
You is calm like a 18th century terrorist in a farting contest.

You are successful like a tiny-dicked slut pretending to care.

You are kick-ass like a dead terrorist having an enema.
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