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Eh, Ian Stuart Donaldson a fost un cantaret ok(especially for a bonehead,) iar acest cover suna destul de bine. For old times sake I'll give it a 9.

Yesterday I responsed with an another song but now I can't, so all I have to say is that those guys, in my oppinion, should rock the shit out of our culture! Maybe I'm being rude but this is how our national songs should sound like. Asa da!
Bucovina activeaza,daca nu ma insel din 2000 si totusi nu au reusit sa treaca vreodata de ora 16 la niciun festival romanesc.Trist.
Nu stiu daca e ceva important de spus,Bucovina este una din trupele ce cauta influentele romanesti.Ei,Martolea,Dordeduh,Negura Bunget si inca foarte multe trupe care nu au reusit sa iasa (prea des)din studio.
Cantecul este frumos,un cantec popular romanesc adus la lumina acum ceva timp de (deja) vestitul Grigore Lese.
Nota mea nu conteaza.

Stiti voi de ce. 21
Well, this is one of my favorite songs by Pink Floyd(along with Waiting for the Worms,) really great work on their part. Can't say anything else, so I'll directly give it a 10.
Un cantec dedicat iernii siberiene ce ne asteapta.
...ce n-a mai venit. Incercam acum sa scoatem ceva cat de cat interesant si sa revitalizam,poate,topicul.Death in June este una dintre trupele cu versuri depresive ce imi place.Ce avem aici,este dpmdv,o poezie . O poezie interesanta,cu o topica clasica,nebunia iernii ce trebuie sa revina in sufletul eului liric pentru a-si gasi linistea.
"Cold wind
Let me hear you whine
White world
You are a friend of mine

But you
You've been falling down
Falling down such a long time"

Si cred ca e suficient. Nota mea este 9.
Piesa primeste un sincer 8.50 din simplu motiv ca nu cred ca este vreo piesa de la arctic monkeyz care sa nu'mi placa , cel putin din cele ascultate.Featuring asta cu Richard Hawley e foarte dragut si merge numai bine cu versurile piesei 4

Chiar daca nu prea are versiuni piesa ma face sa ma dezbrac butt naked and go out running while fist pumpin'
Mdunno. I'm not usually listening to this kind of music. But here, for the guy who sings, I'll give it an 6. But, seriously, the hgfhdfmjytkikys is not my thing. Oh, and for this comment "I'm? sorry but to me it honestly sounds like an angry chihuahua swallowed a syth..." I liked it.

Where the cruel Cross of England's thralldom never to be seen; But where, thank Lord! We'll live and die, still wearing of the Green!
Fiind o melodie irish, nu pot sa ii dau mai putin de 9.50, dar din pacate nici mai mult. I've heard better songs, imho. Still very nice, though 4 nu ca m-as astepta la altceva de la o melodie irlandeza. Ritmul, in principal, mi s-a parut foarte misto.

I'll leave this here, then.
Are un inceput foarte tare. Odin bless steampunk and its henchmen that I'm imagining right now. Si imi da senzatia de "I'm singing so happy about the way I'm going to kill that lady with a spoon... or a fork, on this valentine's day nightmare horror cute instrumental cats."

Edit: f**k this shitty copyright. Here, have an another song.

The beat starts off as some sort of shamanistic version of a pop-punk combination, it's really messy and certainly not much of my thing, I prefer Korpiklaani when it comes to folk-ish madness. And the guitar play is really crude, reminds me of Black Betty, you can't take that seriously 21 7

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