Replica preferata din anime
Hiro: "Man, and Ihad you all to myself now. It'll be lonely if I have to give you up to some other guy."
Atat de dragut si plin de dragoste *laughs*. Acum mi-am adus aminte de ce imi placea de Hiro. Replica este egoista si totusi amuzanta intorsatura conversatiei. *laughs* Acel zambet e genial si la fel si felul in care ii ia... chestia aia roz din gura (0.0). =p~ "You love him" (he to Shuichi). I know, I know. Yondaime
"Forgive you? Why? It's not like I'm mad or anything. You were the one who got angry; just like you said, I was being too nosy. I've always been like that, not knowing my boundaries. I'm the type who'll water a plant til it drowns."
- Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, vol. 2

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