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Dogz vs Catz (characters)

Name: Kid
Gender: Male
Age (any age): 369 847 years old
Type (Dogz/Catz): Dog

Breed (any breed, you choose): half Shadow Warrior, quarter wolf, one eight cat, one eight dragon (stuff happened, in ancient times; don't ask)

Magic power (every one): Can simulate the whole world in his mind, but the larger the simulation, the slower less accurate and energy draining, he can speed up his brain and anyone else's brain, to syncronise with the simulation, and he can simulate about a whole year in less than a second, requiring to eat a lot, before or after the simulation; Can teleport using shadows, as well as "shadow smoke" (just pitch black smoke he can create and manipulate at will), a pocket dimension (in which he can store things or even himself; not bound to any specific place, time or size), can shape shift, and is immortal throught 3 means: shortly after dieing he regenerates at a incredibly fast peace; if there is nothing left of his body or he chooses so, he can either be born again, and before or after being re-born as a different person (possibly a different race, too), he can choose how and when to remember his past life, if he wants to be able to remember them at all. Usually, getting killed makes him forcefully remember his past. Usually, the newer the memory, the sooner he will remember it, but there are exceptions. Also, not sure if a power, but he knows so much he could create or destroy something as big as Milky Way. Might have more magic powers, but he doesen't knows, because he deciced not to have access to his full memories.

Story: He was, originally, a scientist human. He was reborn as a human a few times, and after he perfected his revival process (69 000 years; or 68 999, to be precise, but that's not a round number)), he changed races (and planets) for a good 50 000 years. After that, he learned all he started learning all he could, for the next 250 000 years. His last lifes were: 25 years a dog, 10 years a cat, 12 years his current (almost) dog life. For the remaining 800 years, he knows nothing about them. He knows his age, but can't remember those 800 years. He must have had a good enough reason to lock that memory from himself and everyone else, as clairvoyance and mind-reading doesen't work, since him "complete mind and memories" are mostly not in his body, but in his (seemingly untouchable) soul. He remembers his last 347 years, and since 213 years ago, he lives a normal peasant life, trying to use little to no magic, if he can help. If you're about to die of starvation, after giving you food, he'd force you to learn to fish, even if you have both fishing and the fist. In this life, he tries to keep a secret that he can teleport, he lies as little as possible, and he doesen't like fighting. Hoewever, he is short tempered, meaning that he's a normal person, but he shall never pass "that line of no return", when he gets so angry so quicly and from so little, than we could level the area like a comet hit the ground... And wen I say "level the area" I mean ground, mountains, oceans, nothing is safe from it.

Fun thing: He tried to get a girlfriend, but had none, so far He only tried it for this life and his previous two: the first as a dog, and the later as a cat. Anything prior to that, he needs time or random (occuring) events, in order to remember. Will he ever have a girlfriend, as a dog/wolf? He now only remembers a tiny part of his memories, with random memories popping up at random moment, with or without a link to what's going on at that time, or place. Or there might be a link, he doesen't remembers. He is so mysterious not even he knows himself, or his past.

Offtopic: Too much text? Well, I got excited... I haven't taken place in a RPG in years, hear that, years !! In fact, I haven't checked AnimeZup in years... I'm hyped !
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